Murder Mystery: The Socialite

A murder mystery for 5-7 players.

Scarlett was found last Saturday morning, dead in her study.

You are now at her wake with many other of Scarlett’s closest friends and family.

Things everyone knows about Scarlett:

She’s been divorced from her husband for almost a year now
She is a strict vegan and has been for decades
She owns a very successful business

The rules are simple:

You’ll receive an alibi, a secret, and a rumor or observation. You can share as much or as little with your fellow guests as you want, however, you must be open and honest when asked questions. Try to keep your secret hidden for as long as possible while trying to reveal everyone else’s secrets. And have fun with your character without contradicting the three facts given.

Also keep in mind that this is a game about murder and mystery and your character may be a murderer and is most definitely a liar.

Good luck and may you leave tonight with your secrets intact.

And preferably, not in jail…

The Socialite: 6 Players
The Socialite: 7 Players

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