Dark Tidings: Christmas Anthology

Figure out the Christmas serial killer’s identity before it’s too late and see behind the scenes of Santa’s workshop, if you dare. Dark Tidings includes seven short stories meant to frighten and disturb this holiday season.

Twelve Days of Christmas – a deranged killer haunts the streets, killing locals in a twisted demonstration of love

Salt – follow a woman’s confrontation with ghosts of her families past

I was a Christmas Elf – one of Santa’s elves explains the rules of the North Pole, but things are not quite as cheerful as they seem

Spiders in the Chimney – a family deals with an infestation on Christmas Eve

I Thought I Heard You – pining for Christmases of her childhood, a woman reminisces on tales told by her Nana

The Creaking in My Grandfather’s House – good fortune is not all that it seems in this young teen’s grandfather’s home

I Should’ve Known – a man’s new girlfriend brings him home to meet her family for Christmas, and nothing goes as planned

Buy now at https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Tidings-Jess-Charle/dp/1737681935

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