I’m a Monster

By Jess Charle

I hide in the dark, stalking my prey until I have them to myself. I drink the blood of sinners and eat the flesh of the righteous. I am the night, I am the thing of your nightmares. I am the monster under your bed. The shadow you see in the corners of your vision when you think you’re alone.

There is a bridge, not far outside the city. It sits over a small pond. An old bridge made of thick heavy rocks, moss creeping its way through the cracks. It curves ungracefully towards the sky, its bones having drifted and shifted over the years.

It has been forgotten by humans. They congregate in the city, away from the woods that hide creatures like me.

I looked in the pond, far too deep for its size. Beneath the murky water a face stares up, trapped by the thinnest film of magic between its depths and the world outside. The face of patient evil.

I’m a monster but I have seen the devil and I am scared.

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