Murder Mystery: Who Killed Santa?

A murder mystery for 6-8 players (1 host and 5-7 suspects)

Who Killed Santa is a free dark Christmas themed murder mystery you can play with family or friends! Find out who amongst you killed Tim Pine, the mall Santa.

The host will act as Detective Rudolf, guiding the suspects through the game. However, even the detective won’t know who actually killed Santa till the end!

The zip file below contains 9 PDFs:

  • Who Killed Santa_Host Booklet.pdf – the booklet for the host which outlines how to play. Please read the first page, how to play page, and the intro page before starting the game. DO NOT read the “A Call From the Coroner” or “Outro” pages till instructed to by the game.

For games of 5 players, use the following PDFs. Each is a character’s booklet, so only the player with that character should read it:

  • Who Killed Santa_Sassy Elfingstons.pdf
  • Who Killed Santa_Sissy Elfingstons.pdf
  • Who Killed Santa_Holly Winkle.pdf
  • Who Killed Santa_Henry Winkle.pdf
  • Who Killed Santa_Don Blitzen.pdf

For games of 6 players, also include the following character booklet:

  • Who Killed Santa_6 Characters_Vivian Rainderman.pdf

For games of 7 players, also include the following character booklet:

  • Who Killed Santa_7 Characters_Dash Rainderman.pdf

The final PDF is the complete game, including all character booklets for faster downloading and sharing:

  • Who Killed Santa_Full Game.pdf

PLEASE NOTE: this mystery is new and has not been play tested yet. If you see any spelling, grammar, or logical issues, please send them to me for correction. I’d also appreciate any feedback, positive or negative!

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